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SSIS Centers & Programs

Cooper Woodson Center College Enhancement Program: The Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program (CWC) was founded in 1990 as an Educational Equity, Pan African Student Retention Program, through the leadership of Dr. Otis Scott, Chris Glen, and David Covin. The name is a tribute to the legendary legacies of Anna Julia Cooper and Carter G. Woodson! The founders formulated the theoretical framework of the program based on the principles of Leadership, Scholarship, and Service! This tagline continues to define the mission of the program, and its influence can be felt around the world. 

Education Insights Center: A research and evaluation organization whose mission is to inform and improve policymaking and practice within and across higher education. Our team includes researchers and evaluators who are devoted to student success and the public benefits of education. We also provide professional learning programs for mid-career leaders through the CSU Student Success Network and the Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP). We are extremely proud of the work we are doing with education leaders to improve student outcomes in the CSU system and for the State of California. 

Full Circle Project is an academic support program on campus that works in collaboration with The Department of Ethnic Studies, and the Asian American Studies Program. FCP supports incoming, first-year, Asian-Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) students as they transition from high school and community college to Sacramento State. The FCP fosters a transformational university experience to students as prospective graduates of Sacramento State. 

Please consider a donation to support the Center. Each dollar raised will go directly to the program and contribute to our students’ ability to succeed.

Iranian & Middle Eastern Studies Thank you for your commitment to our work in the Iranian and Middle Eastern Studies Center (IMESC). We are extremely proud of the myriad ways the IMESC is helping to enrich our students' educational experience through supporting events, research, and courses aimed at fostering a better understanding of the peoples, culture, and politics of Iran and the Middle East. 

We hope you will donate to the IMESC, to allow for it to have the support it needs to help our students go on to be change-makers in our world.

Project for an Informed Electorate: Our mission is to empower citizens by fostering greater understanding of politics, policy, and government. PIE is led by faculty and dedicated to identifying, creating, and disseminating accurate, trustworthy, open, and non-partisan information. The project does so by conducting academic research, organizing public events, and pursuing innovative means of achieving innovative means of achieving widespread civic knowledge. 

Please consider a donation to the Project for an Informed Electorate fund. Each dollar raised will go directly to our program and contribute to our ability to succeed.


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